[Global News] Edmonton airport testing out customer service robots
Watch above: Edmontons growing airport is adding a pair of unique customer service representatives. Fletcher Kent explains. EDMONTON — A future filled with robots could be coming to Edmonton. The Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is trying out a high-tech kind of help thats a cross between a customer service agent and a digital kiosk. The customer service robots are the first of their kind in Canada. Theyre designed to interact with people, as well as detect and display emotions. The cool part about the robot is its mobile so it can actually move to you. We have info booths, which are great. We have wonderful volunteers, who walk around and help folks a lot. But the robot would extend our reach, said EIA spokesperson Heather Hamilton. The robots can not only give you directions, but actually take you where you need to go. And they have the potential to do so in 30 different languages. Lets say you do ask it a question in Chinese, or you ask it in English, it is going to respond to you, said Amrit Sagoo of Synced Media, the company behind the creation. The robots were showcased Thursday morning at the airport, where they were met with curiosity but also some slight apprehension. Sort of reminds me of thosewhere they take over the world, said Pyper Rehm. Her mom thought itd be useful to have the robots around, especially considering the family had trouble finding the security line at the Calgary airport earlier. An airport can be an intimidating place if youre not a regular traveller, or if youre just coming into a city you havent been in before, Hamilton acknowledged. So something that has that coolness factor or is more approachable is definitely a selling feature. Theres no guarantee that the robots will become full-time members at EIA. Theyll be tested out at K-Days over the course of the fair; after that, EIA will decide whether it wants to purchase them based on the publics response to them. The robots were last used on the Oscars red carpet. Sagoo believes theres also potential for them to be used in shopping centres, and eventually, the restaurant business.
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[Global News] Edmonton airport testing out customer service
Watch above: Edmontons growing airport is adding a pair of
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